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Ankur D.

Jim helped my wife and I buy our first home. After that, he helped a good friend of mine buy his home, and then helped my sister and brother in law buy their home. That says a lot about what my family and I think about the quality of work provided by Jim and his team.

Negotiation Process: My wife and I were so anxious to purchase our first home in Manhattan Beach (and we were doing so from New York at the time) that I was about to overbid for an offer in order to get the house. Jim would have done pretty well had the sale gone through. Instead, he told me that he couldn’t let me bid that number. He told me to let the house go and he would find something that worked for our family. And true to his word, Jim showed us another house (which of course we loved even more than the one we lost) that we ended up buying for 10% less than the first house.

Escrow: During the entire escrow period, we were still living in New York. No matter. Jim and his team coordinated all the inspections that we would need and all I needed to do was fly out here for one day and sign some papers. Jim was able to negotiate with the sellers on our behalf that they take care of all of the repairs except for one minor one. The seller left the house in pretty bad shape but I never saw it that way because Jim had the entire place cleaned and ready for our arrival. Only reason I knew this even happened was because my Dad told me.

Bottom line, we couldn’t have had a better experience. The best part is that whoever we have recommended Jim to has had an equally fantastic experience. His knowledge of the local market, his relationships with builders, agents, contractors, business owners, etc is reflective of the time and effort he has spent here.

Highly recommend Jim and his team.